Working for BAUMANN is more than just a job.

The core of our firm is Swiss: Switzerland is our home market and we are proud to be Swiss. But we are now a very international company with ten locations across three continents and a multicultural workforce. That's why the typical BAUMANN employee is very quality-minded and motivated to achieve the best outcome for our customers. On the other hand, our people are extremely open-minded, used to competing in the international arena and inspired by the possibilities of globalization. Aside from that, we value the opportunity to socialize together and celebrate our successes as a team. Not just once, but every time and in the long run – for the good of our customers.

Getting along well with colleagues and the willingness to assist one another at work. This is important to me and I am happy that I work for BAUMANN.

Ming Sing Lim, TechnicianBAUMANN SINGAPORE

Working in a BAUMANN team means that I have colleagues by my side if I can't manage something. In addition, we motivate and support each other.

Julie Clavel, Quality AssistantBAUMANN SWITZERLAND

I like the globality of BAUMANN a lot. For example, as part of a team working on a tool for China, I was instrumental in achieving success.

Hans Bortot, Tool shop - Team leaderBAUMANN GERMANY

BAUMANN means to me:

Reliability – A big company and industry leader for many years.
Familiar – We are like a big family.Strong – Presence all over the world.


Iker Amurrio, Rings Department OperatorBAUMANN SPAIN

What I especially like about my job is the chance to provide the best possible service in order handling, thereby creating happy customers.

Monika Knupfer, Customer ServiceBAUMANN GERMANY